British Association of Muay Thai Officials B.A.M.T.O.British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O.                                                    

British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O. (Est.1992)

 An independent governing body based in Manchester to oversee the judging and refereeing of Muay Thai bouts in the UK.
It was felt that a high standard of officials was needed to help promote the sport of Muay Thai.
Any official from any Muay Thai governing body can register with the Association and can take part in regular courses held by The British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O.
Muay Thai Governing bodies or promoters can request officials from B.A.M.T.O. To adjudicate at their competitions or to be an advisory body for the Competition.
It is important that competitors receive the right results, most competitors will tell you
if they lose they can work on improving themselves, but if they get a bad decision then they do not
know how they can correct this.
The British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O. are here to help the sport  grow into
a respected and well organised sport.

 B.A.M.T.O.  2017
Mr Anthony Moore (Kru Tony Moore- Sitsiam Camp) founder of BAMTO announces his retirement from active refereeing and judging in Muay Thai.
Kru Tony will carry  on his duties as head of the BAMTO technical committee and in his role as adviser to the Association.
Kru Tony would like to thank the many referees and judges in Thailand who have helped him on his journey,
Special Thank you to Rajadamnern stadium, IFMA and AMTAT for allowing Kru Tony to take part in their judging and refereeing courses.

In the modern sport of Muay Thai over the last 10 years the use of the foot sweep has been prevalent within the sport.
It is therefore very important that the rules for foot sweep technique should be clarified.
British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O. Rules for Muay Thai Addendum 2017.
Foot sweeps and how they score:
The effectiveness of the technique is the most important criteria for scoring.
When a boxer is knocked to the floor by a foot sweep and it causes visual damage i.e. winded,
this is a scoring technique.
If the foot sweep is used to off-balance our knock the boxer to the floor without any
visual force on contact this can be deemed a defensive technique.
There should be no more than 5 foot sweeps per round, this can be seen as purposely
disrupting the flow of the bout.
After 5 foot sweeps the referee will advise the boxer to cease from using any more in that given round.
British Association of Muay Thai officials B.A.M.T.O.


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