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Muay Thai MuralSitsiam Camp’s Akse’s Muay Thai mural.
The Mayor of Tameside,  Councillor Michael Glover, Mayoress Anne Gordon and Councillor Bill Fairfoull officially declare the Sitsiam Camp’s Muay Thai Mural open to public view on Saturday, 11th June, 2022.
The artwork  by the famous Street artist Akse_P19 is intended to be an iconic landmark for people walking or travelling by barge along the Huddersfield narrow canal in Stalybridge. The day was a huge success with many people attending and students passed and present. There was free delicious Thai food available for everyone cooked by “MaeKru” Karen, Khun Vicki and Nelly which was immensely enjoyed by everyone present.
A Special Thank You to our honoured guests, Civic Mayor, Michael Glover, Mayoress, Ms Anne Gordon, Councillor, Bill Fairfoull, Akse_P19 and Ste (video producer).

Sitsiam Camp News and Events: Training in Thailand

Sukhothai, Thailand

Training in Thailand: “Tracking the Warrior Tour” 2022.
We hope our next excursion will be as soon as Possible.
We will be taking bookings with a deposit of £550 sometime in 2022/3.

Please pick up your booking form from our reception.
The tour will be visiting some of Thailand’s most beautiful destinations.
The tour is open to anyone who wishes to visit the kingdom of Siam (Thailand).

Arjarn Tony will act as tour guide and making it easier to get around and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Students of the Thai martial arts will have the opportunity to
train at some of Thailand’s most prestigious schools. In their chosen discipline be it Muay Thai, Muay Boran
or Krabi Krabong. Book now for Training in Thailand 2022/3 if approved by the government.
With over 30 years experience in organising tours to Thailand.

Book Now ! Book Now !


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