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Welcome to the Sitsiam Camp
Home of the Thai Martial Arts. 

Classes in:
Muay Thai
(Thai Boxing)

Muay Boran (Traditional Thai Boxing)
Krabi Krabong ( Thai Weapons Art

Sitsiam Camp, Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge,Greater Manchester
SK15 1QL

Teaching and Promoting
Authentic Thai Martial Arts
Since 1983.

If you have any questions Please call/text
Arjarn Tony Moore
+44 (0)7903 105561.
Kru Steven Moore
+44 (0) 7743 697762.

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Classes now available:
Age groups:
Tiny Thais Club Age 5 – 7 Years.
Junior Classes Age  8 – 12 Years.
Adult Classes 12 Years and Over

Muay Boran Sitsiam Camp

Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan
world renowned Thai Martial Arts School of excellence.

Arjarn Tony Moore:
Gold Sash 9th Degree.
Kru Steven Moore:
Gold Sash 7th Degree.
Kru Gian Lagonegro:
Gold Sash 5th Degree.

Founded in 1983
The Sitsiam Camp
is one of the most famous
Thai Martial Arts school in the world.

Kru Tony Moore Book

“Muay Thai (The Essential Guide to the of Thai Boxing)”
In 2004 Kru Tony Moore was commissioned to write a book on the subject of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) the project took over six months to complete.
The book was a huge success, especially in Thailand and the USA. Kru Tony Moore’s book is now unfortunately out of print.
If you were lucky enough to buy the book in its first print edition you may find it is now very valuable.
In the USA people are asking up to $200 for a copy !
You still may be able to purchase new or second-hand copies from either of these outlets please visiting Amazon or ebay.

The Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan.
Home of the Thai Martial Arts.
Lessons in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong and Self Defence.

Sitsiam Camp, Unit 15, Whitelands Industrial Estate, Clarence St/Whaielands Rd, Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge,
SK15 1QL,
Manchester, England.

Contact Kru Tony Moore.
Phone +44 7903 105561.

Tel: 07903 105561
Location: 360 fitness unit 15/16, Whitelands Industrial Estate, Clarence Street, Stalybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne, SK15 1QL



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