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Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong the Warrior art of Thailand.
Classes are taught by Arjarn Tony Moore Gold Sash 9th Degree and Kru Steven Moore Gold Sash 7th Degree.
Both are students of Buddhai Swan, Si-Ayutthaya, Thailand and were awarded their Gold Sash by Por Kru Samai.
All of the weapons of Krabi Krabong are taught not just sword fighting.
Students of Muay Thai will find Krabi Krabong very beneficial for footwork and fighting distance.


Private lessons by appointment only
Group sessions:
A cordial invitation is extended to any School or Club to come and experience this fascinating weapons art.

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We can arrange to come to your School or Camp to give an insight into the art of Krabi Krabong.
Everybody will have the opportunity to train in a variety of weapons with chance to learn the relationship between Krabi Krabong weapons and the empty hand fighting of Muay Thai.
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Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan team are famous for their amazing demonstrations of the Thai martial arts, with real sword fighting!
We have performed demonstrations of Krabi Krabong at many big Muay Thai events.

Arjarn Tony’s greatest honour to date was to be part of the Buddhai Swan (Thailand) demonstration team which gave a display of the Thai Martial Arts for her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand on the occasion of her birthday celebrations in Na Ratchiwat, Thailand.

Buddhai Swan

The Krabi Krabong Instructors at the Sitsiam Camp are all qualified by the Buddhai Swan Institute, Si-Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Arjarn Tony Moore Gold Sash 9th Degree
 (Highest graded student outside of Thailand)
Kru Steven Moore Gold Sash 7th Degree 
and Kru Gian Lagonegro, Gold Sash 5th Degree.

A History of Buddhai Swan 

Royal warrior art of Krabi Krabong (Thai weapons system) is believed to have begun its life at Buddhai Swan (Wat Phutthai Swan) Si Ayutthaya. King Naresuan, Prince Ekathotsarot (King Naresuan's brother), King Taksin and Pra Patt’a Yodt  Fa Chulalok are all reputed to have studied at the temple which was founded by King Rama Thibodi (Pra-chao Uthong), the first King of Ayutthaya in 1350.

The system taught at Buddhai Swan is believed to be Major General Pra Arjarn Prong’s and Pichai Sung Kran’s system.
Note: you can read many books about these great Thai warrior Kings and the multitude of battles fought for the freedom of Siam (Thailand)

Today the temple of Buddhai Swan (spelt Wat Phutthaiswan) is a tourist attraction, one can see the statues of the great Kings whose names have become synonymous with the temple. If you look closely at the grounds surrounding the temple you will see the remnants of the forges used to craft weapons.
"From a personal perspective; I can promise any student that the time and effort spent
studying Krabi Krabong  is worth the myriad rewards they will receive throughout their life"
Arjarn Tony Moore
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