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Arjarn (Master) - Kru (Teacher)

Arjarn Tony Moore: 
Gold Sash 9th Degree.
Kru Steven Moore: 
Gold Sash 7th Degree.
Kru Gian Lagonegro: 
Gold Sash 5th Degree.
Kru Lee Manning: 
BTBC Qualified Instructor.
Kru Rahat Abbas: 
BTBC Qualified Instructor.

Chief Instructor 
Arjarn Tony Moore

Chief Instructor Arjarn (Master) Tony Moore  was one of Britain’s most exciting Muay Thai fighters. He won his first British Muay Thai Championship in 1985 followed by a British All-Styles title in 1988 and was the first westerner to win a "Champion of Champions" title in Hong Kong later that same year. Arjarn Tony retired from fighting in 1992  in order to further his studies in Muay Thai, following a long and successful career as Champion in two weight divisions, Welterweight and Middleweight

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Having begun his training in Muay Thai in Manchester in 1977 in 1983 Arjarn Tony started travelling to Thailand to study and train, first at the Sityodtong Camp in Pattaya and the Wa Ratchawat Camp in Bangkok. During his many visits to Thailand over the years,  Arjarn Tony also trained at Sit-Palang Camp in Ayutthaya, Sit Orr Camp in Chonburi and Sasripapa Camp in Bangkok.
Sitsiam Muay Thai Camp at the Fighters and Fitness centre in Clayton, East Manchester was opened by Arjarn Tony in 1983 where he began to concentrate on teaching and promoting authentic Muay Thai in the UK. This move met with much success and the Camp has produced some outstanding and highly skilled Champions and a renowned demonstration team that have performed around the world.
Added to his many years experience in Muay Thai, Chief Instructor Arjarn Tony Moore is a Gold Sash 9th degree "Arjarn" Master of Krabi Krabong the highest graded Krabi Krabong teacher in the world outside Thailand. A qualification awarded to Arjarn Tony after studying Krabi Krabong at the world renowned Buddhai Swan Swordsmanship Institute in Thailand under the direct instruction of Arjarn Samai Messamarn a Grand Master of Krabi Krabong who sadly passed away in 1998.
Today his teacher's are Arjarn Werayut and Arjarn Sira Messamarn the sons of Arjarn Samai who continue to teach at the Buddhai Swan Institute in a direct continuation of their father's life work.
Por Kru Samai. Buddhai Swan
Por Kru Samai Messamarn, Buddhai Swan.

The Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan 
 Muay Thai, Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong. 

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