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Kru Steven's Blog

Poot Lorlak
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Tribute to Poot Lorlek

It's been 4 years since his passing and as he was my favourite fighter, I think it would be appropriate to dedicate this week's blog to one of the Greatest Thai Boxer of all Time.

Poot Lorlek “The Great Thai Boxer”
In memory of Arjarn Poot Lorlek born 1st January 1952 in Trang province in the south of Thailand.
Poot Lorlek was known as "The Great Thai Boxer" and “The Angel Boxer” due to his remarkable Muay Thai talent.
Ranked by the Rajadamnern Stadium as 1 of the 10 Greatest Muay Thai Boxers of all time.
In 1968 the young boxer moved to Bangkok to live and learn with his uncle who was a flyweight Muay Thai Champion.
On his very first bout in Bangkok he impressed the famous promoter Kru Tao so much that Kru Tao became Poot’s patron, providing Poot with a variety of opponents to perfect his skills.
Poot was a very technical boxer, with sharp eyes, amazing agility, and speed. His career spanned over 80 bouts and he was a superstar of his time (1970-1977).
After winning his Junior Featherweight Championship he found it very difficult to find challenges, sadly Poot had to relinquish his title because he simply could not be beaten! Finding it hard to find opposition Poot would fight heavier opponents and even fought the legendary Japanese kickboxer Ikari Kensiu which ended in the predicted knockout with one of Poot’s legendary high kicks!
Poot moved to international boxing and became Rajadamnern Stadium Lightweight Champion.
His speed and skill would always prevail, and Muay Thai fans would fill the stadiums to watch his craftsmanship.
After a long layoff Poot eventually return to the Muay Thai ring for a charity match against Hern Silathong former Middleweight Muay Thai Champion…..It ended as everyone would have expected in a win for Poot Lorlek!
At the end of a prodigious career Arjarn Poot Lorlek began teaching and passing on his skills to new and up-and-coming Muay Thai students.
On many Muay Thai seminars conducted by Arjarn Tony Moore of the Sitsiam Camp begin by watching “The Great Thai Boxer” Poot Lorlek to emphasise the skill of Muay Thai. Poot’s incredible footwork, speed and timing enabled him to fight in any direction especially the skill of attacking when moving backwards, a skill sadly lost in today’s Muay Thai.

Arjarn Poot Lorlek has now gone to join the past Masters of Muay Thai. So please, on Thursday (Muay Thai Day) when you pay respect to past Masters by performing the “Wai Kru” give a special thought to Arjarn Poot Lorlek.
We wish to give everybody the opportunity to watch “The Great Thai Boxer” Poot Lorlek by visiting our YouTube channel “The Golden Age of Muay Thai”. 

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Sitsiam Camp News

AKSE manchester graffiti artist
AKSE p19, the Manchester graffiti artist completes a stunning piece of art at the Sitsiam Camp. The portrait is of Kru Steven Moore, instructor at the Sitsiam Camp. 
Click below to watch the Thai Martial Arts short film.
Thai Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Muay Boran (Traditional Thai Boxing) and Krabi Krabong (Thai Weapons Art).
This short film is testament to the past and present Teachers who dedicated their lives to preserving the Thai Martial Arts.
It is important that todays generation of teachers preserve the "Thainess" of the art with all the rituals and culture associated with Thailand, the birthplace of the Thai Martial Arts.
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Training in Thailand
Tracking the Warrior Tour .
The trip will be organised for The end of October/November, 2024.
Please pick up your booking form from our reception or click the link. Booking Form.
Nowadays, there are many training in Thailand trips available for Thai Boxing enthusiasts wishing to undergo the rigours of training in an authentic Thai Boxing Camp.

The Tracking the Warrior Tour is so much more!
Students will have the opportunity to train in their chosen disciplines of the Thai Martial Arts, not just Muay Thai but also Muay Boran and Krabi krabong.
Aside training, students will be able to visit many of the historical places which are synonymous with the Thai Martial Arts, they will learn about the history of the warrior Kings of Siam and other Thai heroes which have been an essential part in the development of the Thai Martial Arts.
Finally, Students will be taught about the history and culture of this fascinating country, as I believe to fully understand and appreciate the Thai Martial Arts students should understand the history and culture behind them.
With over 35 years experience in travelling to Thailand.
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Click the link above the book your trip of lifetime
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