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Krabi Krabong Thai Sword

Krabi Krabong the Warrior art of Thailand.
Seminars are held once a month, contact Kru Steven via our Facebook page.
Krabi Krabong classes are taught by Kru Steven Moore Gold Sash 7th Degree.
Kru Steven is a student of Buddhai Swan, Si-Ayutthaya, Thailand and was awarded his Gold Sash by Por Kru Samai.
The classes teach all the weapons of Krabi Krabong not just sword fighting.
Students of Muay Thai will find Krabi Krabong very beneficial for footwork and fighting distance.

Krabi Krabong Thai sword fighting
What is Krabi Krabong?

Krabi Krabong is the art of war, the way of the warrior.
It is beautiful in its application and devastating in its outcome.
It is a lifetime study or in Por Kru’s words “Two lifetimes!”
It will teach the student how to become one by combining the mind, spirit and body.
It will give the student immeasurable benefits in life.
Krabi Krabong will teach you the art of combat, be it with weapons or empty hands, it is the complete system of self defence.

Buddhai-Swan, Thailand

Buddhai Swan
The Royal warrior art of Krabi Krabong (Thai weapons system) is believed to have begun its life at Buddhai Swan (Wat Phutthai Swan) Si Ayutthaya. King Naresuan, Prince Ekathotsarot (King Naresuan brother), King Taksin and Pra Patt’a Yodt  Fa Chulalok are all reputed to have studied at the temple which was founded by King Rama Thibodi (Pra-chao Uthong), the first King of Ayutthaya in 1350. The system taught at Buddhai Swan is believed to be Major General Pra Arjarn Prong’s and Pichai Sung Kran’s system.
Note: you can read many books about these great Thai warrior Kings and the multitude of battles fought for the freedom of Siam (Thailand)

Today the temple of Buddhai Swan (spelt Wat Phutthaiswan) is a tourist attraction, one can see the statues of the great Kings who have become synonymous with the temple and if you look closely at the ground around the temple you will see the remnants of the forges used to craft the weapons.

Por Kru, Buddhai Swan, Thailand.
Buddhai Swan – A Rebirth

Arjarn Samai Messamarn had a unique beginning to his journey in the Thai martial arts, his father was an expert and teacher of Krabi Krabong in the City of Ayutthaya the spiritual home of Buddhai Swan.
During the second world war Arjarn Samai was part of the Thai underground movement supplying information about the Japanese to British and US intelligence, he reported the truth about the Death Railway and the treatment of prisoners of war by the Japanese army, showing no fear of the consequences. He stood firm in his beliefs, a true warrior at heart.
The rebirth of Buddhai Swan:

Realising the importance of keeping the art of Krabi Krabong and the name Buddhai Swan legacy alive for future generations, Por Kru Samai established  Buddhai Swan Swordsmanship school in 1946 in the Nongkharm district of Bangkok.
No man could have been more suited to carry the name Buddhai Swan than Arjarn Samai Messamarn (1914-1998) affectionately known as “Por Kru” (Father Teacher), he loved his King and country and nothing was more important to Por Kru than performing the Thai martial arts at the highest level. Por Kru’s students were very important to him and he treated each one like his immediate family .
Por Kru became a devoted scholar of the art of Krabi Krabong researching the history of the Thai martial arts in battle situations. His studies took him to some of the border countries such as Burma, in search of historical facts about the many battles fought between the border countries and Thailand.
Buddhai Swan opens:
In 1956 Por Kru was presented with the Royal standard for Buddhai Swan by His Majesty the King of Thailand to enable him to carry on the name Buddhai Swan and the art of Krabi krabong forward into future generations.
In 1957 Buddhai Swan swordsmanship school was legally recognised by the Minister of education as a seat of learning the traditional martial arts of Thailand with its aims to promote Krabi krabong worldwide.
In his lifetime Por Kru was presented with many accolades for his devotion and hard work in preserving the martial arts of Thailand.
Today Buddhai Swan Swordsmanship Alumni is cared for by Por Kru’s wife, Mae Kru (Mother Teacher) and his family.
On 4th Nov 2011 Buddhai Swan opened a military training camp at the Suratampitak Military Camp, Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat).

Kru Tony Moore Sitsiam Camp
Sitsiam Camp and Buddhai Swan

Many years ago I (Kru Tony Moore) was relaxing, watching TV after training in Muay Thai, when a program called “Transworld Sports” was shown featuring Krabi Krabong and Buddhai Swan. There was an interview with the Great Grand Master Arjarn Samai who talked about the history of Krabi Krabong and the Buddhai Swan Institute.
There were also demonstrations of this amazing fighting art featured on the program. Although I (Kru Tony Moore) had trained in Muay Thai for several years, winning Champion of Champions in Muay Thai in 1988, I did not know anything about the traditional Martial Arts of Thailand.
It then became my ambition to visit the school and after searching for information in Thailand “No Google then”!, I eventually arrived at Buddhai Swan and met Great Grand Master Samai. I did not know then that this person was going to have a profound affect on my life.

The beginning:
Arjarn Samai invited me to look around the school and explained to me about some of the history of the school, there were many photographs of demonstrations and students of Buddhai Swan, (Arjarn Samai having once been a professional newspaper photographer). I felt overwhelmed by his friendship and generosity in spending time with me and making me feel that I was important in some way.
I noticed in one of the photographs that there was a foreign student from the US. His name was Jason Webster, the first foreign student to train at the Buddhai Swan Institute. I enquired if Buddhai Swan accepted foreign students, as on the TV programme it appeared the Institute only taught the Royal Thai Army or Thai people with some Royal connection.
Arjarn Samai told me I would need a letter of recommendation from a student of Buddhai Swan or a high-ranking Thai official.  Fortunately for me I had a very good friend who worked for the King’s Property Office, Khun Virasak, whom I had met through Muay Thai. Khun Virasak kindly accompanied me back to Buddhai Swan to give a personal reference and introduction face to face.  So with a glowing recommendation from Khun Virasak  and after some time talking, “Por Kru” accepted me as a student, this was a defining moment in my life. I was to begin my studies one year later when I returned to Thailand.
From that day on in 1991, I began in earnest the study of the Thai martial arts under the guidance of “Por Kru” and his son Arjarn Weerayut Messamarn.
 In 1994 I had progressed to become a teacher of the Institute eventually graduating to be the highest ranked teacher for the Institute outside Thailand when I achieved Gold Sash 9th Degree.
In 2002, I was honoured to be appointed sole representative of Buddhai Swan outside Thailand. And was awarded the Buddhai Swan Standard enabling me to promote and enhance the name Buddhai Swan and the Thai martial arts around the world.
My only ambition had been to visit Buddhai Swan and meet the great Grand Master
some might say this was fate!


Arjarn Tony Moore

Kru Tony Moore  – Sitsiam Camp
Kru Tony Moore’s  Sitsiam Muay Thai Camp  was now permitted to use the name Buddhai Swan, which was a great honour for Kru Tony and for the Sitsiam Camp, an honour of which we are very proud along with the opportunity to promote the Buddhai Swan legacy.
Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan continue Por Kru’s work in promoting the Thai Martial Arts at the highest level.
The Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan perform regular demonstrations for the Thai temples in England and have given displays for the Royal Thai Embassy at the Westfield Shopping Centre London. Our demonstration team have also been a regular and the major attraction at the Amazing Thailand Festivals since 1997.

Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan – A Royal Connection.
Kru Tony Moore was fortunate enough, during his time as a student of Buddhai Swan Thailand, to perform before Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. Another landmark event happened in early 2017 when our one of our students Kru Lee received the prestigious honour of performing the Wai Kru/Ram Muay at the opening ceremony of “100th Day of Mourning for King Bhumibol Adulyadej” in Pattaya City Thailand.

From a personal perspective, I can promise any student that the time and effort spent studying Krabi Krabong is worth the myriad rewards they will receive throughout their life.

Long Live Buddhai Swan and Sitsiam Camp

Private lessons in Krabi krabong Training are taught by Kru Tony Moore at the
Sitsiam camp/Buddhai Swan, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, Stalybridge,Manchester.
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