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BTBC Sawasdee newsletter – All the latest news from the British Thai Boxing Council.

BTBC (British Thai Boxing Council) Sawasdee newsletter has been in existence since the 1980’s. It was originally a booklet organised, written and distributed by the association but has since moved into the modern age and become an internet publication.

British Thai Boxing Council (B.T.B.C.)

Chairman’s Address 2020 – Celebrating Our 41st Anniversary Year.

Could the Covid 19 Pandemic kill Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is about to lose one of the best Muay Thai Camps in Great Britain.
The Mungkorn Dam/Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp which has been established for 28 years is closing due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Arjarn Chris Rawlings is the founder and proud owner of the MungkorDam/Sityodtong Camp, who were long-term members of the B.T.B.C. (British Thai Boxing Council) and stood for everything that the council stood for, as our slogan says:
“To Promote and Enhance the name of Muay Thai with Great Endeavour”
Arjarn Chris began his study of Muay Thai at the Sitsiam Camp in Manchester, under the auspices of Arjarn Tony Moore travelling all the way from Southend, Essex to learn more about the art of Muay Thai, such was Arjarn Chris’ devotion to the art.
Following a couple of years of study Arjarn Chris went on his first trip to Thailand on the “Tracking the Warrior Tour” and was introduced to Arjarn Yodthong by Arjarn Tony Moore. Arjarn Yodthong immediately saw in Arjarn Chris what Arjarn Tony had seen in him, that Arjarn Chris’ heart was Muay Thai.
After Arjarn Chris’ first visit, he would travel to Thailand every year to train at the Sit-Yodthong Camp and following many years of training, was awarded a Gold Mongkon by Arjarn Yodthong to signify his knowledge of the art of Muay Thai and also the title of “Arjarn” (Master).
Arjarn Chris and Arjarn Tony have always been very close and The Mungkorn Dam/Sityodtong Camp would always support the Sitsiam Camp’s Demonstration Team when they performed in the south of England.

We cannot afford to lose any other genuine Teachers or Muay Thai Camps like Arjarn Chris and the Mungkorn Dam/Sityodtong Camp.
There are far too few Muay Thai camps in the UK that teach Muay Thai as a Martial art and there are far too many that see Muay Thai as no more than aerobics with pads.

Let us hope that the Covid 19 Pandemic does not add any further casualties to our precious art of Muay Thai.

Arjarn Chris will continue training at his home, as he says “Muay Thai has become my life”
Our chairman Arjarn Tony has pleaded with him to continue teaching Muay Thai to help keep the art alive, even if it is with just one or two students at his home.
Muay Thai Chai Yo!

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B.T.B.C. Sawasdee newsletterAs you may have read in our a B.T.B.C. Sawasdee newsletter our judging refereeing organisation BAMTO (British Association of Muay Thai officials)
an independent judging and refereeing organisation established in 1992.
Has added an amendment to the Muay Thai rules.

It was thought that a rule on foot sweeps needs to be written.
Foot sweeps have become commonplace in today’s modern sport and therefore there had to be a written rule to bring the rules up to date.

Having enquired with our friends in Thailand it would appear that there was no written rule on foot sweeps in Thailand’s professional sport.

With any technique it is important to understand the rules of Muay Thai i.e.
Rule: The effectiveness of the technique is the most important criteria for scoring.
We asked Mr Tony Myers a renowned European judge and referee if he an seen any written rule on the subject of the foot sweep ?
It would appear there was no written rule on this technique !

which may I remind you that 10 years ago this technique was considered to be a foul.
Once again The B.T.B.C. and B.A.M.T.O.  are leading the way, this rule for Muay Thai can now be implemented
and will help the boxers/fighters, teachers and promoters understand how the technique should be scored.
Click For Rule >> “Foot Sweep”
We are now entering 2018 and a new horizon awaits us, here at the B.T.B.C. we will continue to promote and enhance the name of Muay Thai with great endeavour.

Thank you for being loyal members and let’s make 2018 our best year yet.
Proud Chairman of the B.T.B.C.
Mr Anthony Moore (Kru Tony Moore)

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The B.T.B.C. (British Thai Boxing Council) is the oldest organisation for Muay Thai in Europe, if not the World. The BTBC was founded in 1979 – 34 years ago – that is over thirty years experience in the art of Muay Thai!

The B.T.B.C. (British Thai Boxing Council) name is synonymous with quality, our rules and regulations were approved by Thailand back in the early 1980’s, are tried and tested over many years of competitions and events, are overseen by highly experienced teachers, referees and judges and have been hugely successful in making Muay Thai a very popular, well-regulated and safe sport in this country.

As a B.T.B.C. (British Thai Boxing Council) Member, you the instructor, your club and your students have credibility with sports and leisure organisations nationwide, because they know that the BTBC standards are the highest. To be accepted as a member of the BTBC ensures that any interaction such organisations have with you will be of a very high standard, whether it be for tuition, insurance or safety standards.

The grading syllabus was a B.T.B.C .(British Thai Boxing Council) innovation to ensure high quality at every level. From the student who has taken their first grade right through to instructor grade, taking a grading examination under the B.T.B.C. syllabus guarantees excellence of technique and a good understanding of the art of Muay Thai.

A reputable gas fitter is a member of the Gas Safe scheme, a mortgage broker is a member of the Financial Services Authority – this guarantees quality and provides assurance to the general public. People need these assurances from governing bodies that their members are reputable. That is why YOU are a member of the B.T.B.C. !


There seems to be a little confusion over what insurance each club needs in order to adequately cover instructor, students and the general public at your club. Our insurers inform us that the last two claims in martial arts cases exceeded £10 million – so it’s worth bearing in mind the following:

Civil Liability
The B.T.B.C. takes out this insurance policy. The cover provides protection for the BTBC officers in claims of negligence howsoever caused under any aspect of BTBC membership. This includes public liability for competitions and events that have been previously notified to the BTBC Office.

Member to Member
This covers the student in case of an accident during training and third parties i.e. partners for training/sparring and/or competition. Uniquely, the cover extends to training and competing in Thailand.

Professional Indemnity
Essential for Instructors – basically this covers you against claims of negligence but also Public Liability at your club. If you don’t have this cover and there is a claim against you, you could lose everything – home, car, savings etc. (Please note that just Public Liability cover is not the same AND WILL NOT COVER YOU IN CLAIMS OF NEGLIGENCE).

If in doubt, check your policy to see exactly what is covered particularly if any of your cover has not been taken out through our brokers Perkins Slade. Remember that everybody training at your school must be licensed in order to validate THIS insurance cover.




May we remind all clubs that your Annual Membership of £15.00 is now due. Reminders are being sent out to all clubs – please note that the membership fee is due every year on 1st January. Membership includes public liability cover for all your club events when previously notified to the B.T.B.C. (British Thai Boxing Council) office.


Grading examinations coming up? The B.T.B.C. Grading certificates are available at a cost of £1.00 each for all grades up to Instructor and £15.00 each for Instructor’s certificates. Please remember that clubs are allowed to grade their students up to Grade 5 after which a member of the technical committee must be present at the examination.

Tel: 07903 105561 

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