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Sitsiam Camp News and Events

Sitsiam Camp Buddhai Swan, Ashton, Tameside, Manchester.

 Sitsiam Camp in Thailand-News and Events 

ThailandSitsiam camp’s annual Tracking the Warrior Tour 2017.
24th May until 8th June:
We are back and what an amazing trip it was.
Well done to our student Hugo on his Bout in Thailand,
our other Student Shan (Bovvi Noi) is still in Thailand and will compete this Friday.
Look out for Videos and photo montages of this Amazing tour.
If you were unable to book with us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience,
don’t worry we will be organising another “Tracking the Warrior Tour” in the near future.



Hugo Sitsiam Camp

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Click photo to watch Hugo’s fight in Hua-Hin, Thailand.

A must see video for anyone thinking of joining
The world-famous” Sitsiam camp.
congratulations to Hugo Booth from all the Teachers
and Sudents of the Sitsiam Camp.




Tracking the Warrior tour 2017

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Tracking the Warrior tour 2017
These days many students make the pilgrimage to Thailand to undergo the rigours of training at an authentic Muay Thai camp.
Tracking the Warrior Tour is so much more!
Students will have the opportunity to train in their chosen disciplines of the Thai Martial Arts, not just Muay Thai but also Muay Boran and Krabi krabong.
Aside training, students will be able to visit many of the historical places which are synonymous with the Thai Martial Arts, they will learn about the history of the warrior Kings of Siam and other Thai heroes which have been an essential part in the development of the Thai Martial Arts.
Finally, Students will be taught about the history and culture of this fascinating country, as I believe to fully understand and appreciate the Thai Martial Arts students should understand the history and culture behind them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our next Tracking the Warrior Tour ? Click Here

Sitsiam Camp News and Events


Muay Thai Sitsiam campJuly 1st &2nd
Demonstration of the art of Muay Thai
on behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy at Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre (B5 4BU) << Click for Map
there will be four demonstrations throughout the day also lots of other attractions including Thai dancing, Thai cultural show and of course delicious Thai food.
Demonstrations times
Sat – 11am,1pm,5pm and 7pm.
Sun – 12 noon (one only)
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Click Photo

Demonstration bookings for 2017
July 1st/2nd: Birmingham the Bullring shopping centre.
July 22nd: “Amazing Ashton” event Aston under Lyne 10.30am – 3.30pm on behalf of Ashton Town Council.
Aug 5th & 6th: Manchester Thai festival sale.

Oct: Halloween “FrightFest ” Aston-under-Lyne Town centre.



Highlights of Sitsiam camp’s news and events 2015.

Sitsiam Camp News and Events

was one of the busiest years for the
Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan.

Our school performed a total of 19 demonstrations around the country promoting the Thai Martial Arts including Muay Thai, Muay Boran and Krabi krabong.
Demonstration included Manchester’s Chinese New Year, Droylsden and Ashton festivals, Manchester Thai festival held at the Manchester city FC supporters club (Mary ‘Ds’ )
the Amazing Thailand Festival in Surrurrey
(the biggest Thai festival outside of Thailand)
also demonstrations for the Royal Thai Embassy at
Westfield shopping, London.

In 2015 our school was privileged to have had two renowned teachers from Thailand teaching at our school, Arjarn Sira from the Buddhai Swan Institute and Arjarn Palang from Sit-Palang Traditional Muay Thai Camp, Si Ayutthaya.
A special mention to Kru Joel and Rahat from our school for winning first and second prize in the
Wai Kru/Ram Muay competition held at the Amazing Thailand Festival in honour of Nai Khanom Tom (the father of Muay Thai) it is a great honour for school to hold such a prestigious award.

Sitsiam Camp News and Events

Sukhothai, Thailand

Training in Thailand: “Tracking the Warrior Tour”
The tour is open to everybody who wishes to visit the kingdom of Sitsiam (Thailand).

We have over 30 years experience in organising tours to Thailand.
Students of the Thai martial arts will have the opportunity to
train at some of Thailand’s most prestigious schools.In their chosen discipline be it Muay Thai, Muay Boran
or Krabi krabong.

The tour will visit some of Thailand’s most beautiful destinations.

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