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The Sitsiam Camp  England

Established 1983

Sitsiam Camp logoOne Year On – The New Sitsiam Camp
It would be virtually impossible to mention everything that has happened at the new Sitsiam Camp in the first year. Here are some of the highlights.

A New Beginning: September
Past and present students of the Sitsiam Camp walked in procession from the old Camp to our new home in Stalybridge , Greater Manchester carrying the many statues of the great Thai Kings and heroes above their heads to show the highest respect to the past Masters. On our arrival the statues were placed on the new shrine and the students were treated to an assortment of amazing Thai cuisine. For the former students it was a time to reminisce the past and the great times they all had as students of the Sitsiam Camp. It’s always encouraging to hear the former students talk about the past and how Muay Thai changed them as a person. This is a new beginning for Sitsiam Camp and we are all dedicated to encouraging the new generation to continue the high standards set by their predecessors.
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Thomas Muay Thai show in Ashton

Tiny Thais Club Opens: October

The first Tiny Thais class takes place at the new Camp for students age 5 years to 7 years old. The class was the concept of Kru Steven Moore (Gold Sash 7th Degree) and has proven to be a great success. The Tiny Thais have taken part in many of the Sitsiam Camp demonstrations and also featured on the front page of the Tameside Magazine (May 2019).


Sitsiam Muay Thai Camp Manchester

The Great Fire: November
Not the perfect start to our new home, as a terrible fire started in the garage beneath our new home. The fire completely surrounded the Sitsiam Camp, but amazingly did not enter the camp. The Fire Chief commented “You were very lucky. It’s amazing. I can’t believe that the fire did not enter and cause damage to your part of the building”
A miraculous escape one might say!


Sitsiam Camp Buddhai Swan Krabi Krabong

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First Demonstration from our new Camp: November
Our team perform many demonstrations around the country which helps raise much needed funds or assists in raising awareness of many different charitable organisations. We are very fortunate to be part of the Tameside Festivals that take place in Ashton-under-Lyne Town Centre on a regular basis. Our team are a very popular feature at these events with their exhibitions of the Thai Martial Arts which includes Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Muay Boran (Traditional Thai Boxing) and Krabi Krabong (Thai Weapons Art).



Sitsiam Camp Manchester

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The Official Opening of the Sitsiam Camp: March
The date for the official opening of the new school was especially chosen because as everybody in the world of Muay Thai knows the 17th March is Nai Khanom Tom Day (Nai Khanom Tom is known as the father of Muay Thai also know and celebrated as Muay Thai Day.
The Camp was opened by the Head Monk, the Venerable PK Ajarhn Paganon from the Wat Sriratanaram Thai Temple. The day began with blessings for the new Sitsiam Camp and all students and guests who were present;
followed by meditation conducted by Arjarn Paganon. Next was the Wai Kru ceremony in honour of all Teachers of the Thai Martial Arts. Students and guests then made offerings of food and donations to the Wat Sriratanaram Thai Temple. Once our VIP guest left to return to his home, the students completed twenty rounds of free sparring. This was a very special day and one that I’m sure will be remembered by everybody who was fortunate to have been there.

Krabi Krabong Dance

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Demonstrations: 14th and 21st April
Once again our team were performing at the Easter Festival in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester and one week later at the Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival at Wat Mahathat Thai Temple in Kings Bromley.
Our team really enjoy going to Wat Mahathat Thai Temple where we are always well received by the huge audience and are very well looked after by the volunteers of the temple who make sure we have lots of delicious Thai food when we arrive!



Por Kru Buddhai Swan Sitsiam Camp

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Por Kru Day: 5th May

The most important day in the Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan calendar dawns when all our students past and present come to pay their respect to our Father Teacher Por Kru Samai Mesamarn (1914-1998).
The day begins with the “Wai Kru” Respect to Teacher Ritual and is followed by “Ram” Ritual Dances from all the forms of the Thai Martial Arts. This is highlight of the Sitsiam Camp and Buddhai Swan year; a very special day and always enjoyed by all the students and guests in attendance. New students get the opportunity to see the senior students perform thrilling displays of the Thai Martial Arts including Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Muay Boran (Traditional Thai Boxing) and Krabi Krabong Thai Weapons Art).



Sitsiam Camp Muay Thai

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Demonstration: June
Thai Martial Arts demonstration by the Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan in Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, Greater Manchester. The demonstration included Muay Thai, Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong, and also for the first time included our new Tiny Thais Club students.




Sitsiam Muay Thai Camp

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Magic of Thailand Festival: July
Platt Fields Park, Manchester. The Magic of Thailand Festival is the biggest Thai festival in Manchester featuring many attractions. Our Demonstrations Team have had the honour to be part of this amazing two-day event every year since its inception.
Hopefully see you all this year (2020)



Leeds Thai Festival Sitsiam Camp

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Siam Thai Festival in Leeds: August

The event was organised to help raise awareness and funding for the Wat Buddharam Thai Temple in Leeds.
The event proved a huge success even with the bad weather. There were many attractions and featured a lot of entertainers who travelled from Thailand to perform. Events included Thai Theatre known as “Khon” and traditional Thai puppetry known as “Hun Lakhon Lek”, plus all the usual Thai food, crafts and gifts stalls. No Thai festival would be complete without demonstrations of the Thai Martial Arts, Leeds festival being no exception with the Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan Team performing throughout the day.


Lee in Thailand

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Tracking the Warrior Tour: September
The annual Sitsiam Camp/Buddhai Swan training and sightseeing tour to Thailand took place. These have been running annually now for over 30 years. The trip was a huge success giving our students a taste of Thailand and the opportunity to train in their chosen art. They also had the chance to visit many historical places synonymous with the Martial Arts of Thailand. Thomas from our Tiny Thais club who was on the tour with his father Khun Lee participated in his first sparring session while in Thailand.

It was a very special year for one of our senior students Shan-Tyler Henderson (Bovvi) who in September became an Assistant Instructor after over 9 years training at the Sitsiam Camp.

Quite a year I’m sure you will agree not to mention Gradings, Special Free Sparring events, the Tiny Thais Halloween Special and lots more events throughout the year.

Next year 2020 looks like being another successful year for the Sitsiam Camp and Buddhai Swan.
Our aims always remains
“To preserve, promote and enhance the Thai Martial Arts with great endeavour.”

Coming soon in 2020: Demonstrations, regular Sitsiam events and the Tracking the Warrior Tours in September/October which, for the first time will include the Tiny Thais Club.

Keep up-to date with all the latest news and events by regular checking our News and Events page.

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