Training in ThailandTracking the Warrior Tour of Thailand 2017

Training in Thailand 2017

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime

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Tours take place two times per year Oct/Nov and May.
Nowadays, there are many training in Thailand trips available for Thai Boxing enthusiasts wishing to undergo the rigors of training in an authentic Thai Boxing Camp.
The Tracking the Warrior Tour is so much more!
This year is going to be very special with many new and Beautiful and not so touristy out of the way places to visit. Itinerary << Click for PDF
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Bustling Bangkok

Training in Thailand trip start with the modern sport of Muay Thai and training at some of the top camps in Thailand with many of Thailand’s famous Teachers.
You get the chance to train with Top boxers who compete at the major stadiums in Bangkok.
Then witness this thrilling sport for yourself as we take in the sights and sounds of live Thai Boxing at either Rajadamnern or New Lumpini Ram-in-tra Stadium.

Ancient Ayutthaya

Next our training in Thailand Tour takes us back in time to the ancient city of Ayutthaya where the Thai Martial Arts evolved. We seek the places renowned for great warriors. King Naresuan’s shrine, brave Queen Suryothai’s monument and everywhere reminders of Thailand’s warlike past. Training is available in Krabi Krabong and includes a visit to Wat Phutthai Sawan to see the ancient site of the warrior Kings.
Muay Boran and Muay Thai is at Sitpralang with Kru Lang, an expert in the Ram Muay (ritual dances) .

Secret locations

This year we will be travelling to some of Thailand oldest cities.Visiting Thailand’s most beautiful old cities, many of which have not yet been invaded by the tourists ! Don’t worry,there will still be time for some serious training. As always the trip is about understanding the Thai culture and the beauty Thailand has to offer.
A camera is a must on this trip.

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